Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TAP-it: Accessible Dream Machine?

Although it was unveiled over a year ago, I've just discovered it now: the TAP-it. It's an amazing touch-screen interface for PC or Mac with everything I could ever dream of in terms of features: nice big size (but not too big), runs off a regular laptop or desktop, height and slant adjustable, stable and durable, and most interestingly: it claims to be able to discriminate between intended and unintended touch. I'd love to see one in person and try it out, but it may be months before I get a chance. If you've tried one, I'd love to get some unbiased opinions before I convince my superintendent we should drop $10,000 for one of these. Leave your comments below.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Math Assistive Technology for All Students

Recently I presented at the Association for Special Education Technology - Ontario Spring 2011 Conference about Assistive Technology for Math, with a focus on tools that are available for free to Ontario educators. I often get asked about what AT tools we can provide for our students who struggle with Mathematics. Unfortunately, there's no ONE tool that can do everything, so I've put together a collection of various tools and have indicated what strengths and needs match each tool. You can download my presentation slideshow and a handy reference chart that lists the tools by area of need. More related resources coming soon, so stay tuned. If you have your own favourite AT tools for Math, please share them in the comments.

UPDATE: A colleague just shared this site with me to add to the collection of virtual manipulatives sites. It's also free, and it's quite different from the others. It's one of the features in, called Thinking Blocks.

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