Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good News --- Current Events Web Sites For Special Needs Students

Here are some neat web sites I've just learned about to support students with special needs. They've got accessibility features and visual symbols to support comprehension. Of course, thanks to the magic of UDL, they will also support students of ESL / ELL. If only they featured more Canadian content.... Free, published monthly. Click on eLive for for news; site also has other symbol-supported content. View online, or print out. UK-based. paid subscription, published weekly, with each article rewritten at different levels, with worksheets and other related content. View online with built-in speech support, or print out on paper. With 40+ pages every week, there's a lot of content you could cover. Very well done. USA-based.

BONUS SITE: The Week In Rap Free, very high quality hip-hop summaries of the week's news, from the folks who created Flocabulary. Scroll down to see the lyrics of the week's rap, with hyperlinks to online news articles. Released every Friday during the school year, these raps are something many kids, special needs or not, will enjoy. USA-based.

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