Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What and Why?

[[About the CyberSERT Blog]]

CyberSERT = me
SERT = Special Education Resource Teacher
me = TRT @ YRDSB
YRDSB = York Region District School Board (Northern suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
TRT = Technology Resource Teacher = computer geek + special education itinerant teacher

I like technology. I really like it.
I love being a teacher. I especially have a passion for helping the underdog, so I became a special ed teacher. About a year ago, I had the opportunity to leave the classroom for an itinerant role with my Board. It's a great job because it focuses on technology and helping students with exceptionalities. I train teachers on the implementation of assistive technology, and I also get to work with students in several schools.

But enough about me...

Part of my role is a sort of evangelist for assistive technology. This blog will allow me to get my message out within my School Board, but also beyond.

I should mention that this blog is in no way affiliated with the York Region District School Board, and the views and opinions presented here are those of the writer and not his Employer.

If teachers in my Board can benefit from this kind of information, so can teachers (and parents, and students) from districts around the world.

It is my intention to post assistive technology tips, reviews, how-to videos, ideas, opinions, and links.

And since you're busy -- and so am I -- I'll usually keep things brief.

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