Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visuals + Speech x 13 Languages = LanguageGuide.org

After a training session,  I was eating lunch at a school I've never visited before. I overheard one teacher talking to another about a website that was good for French class (compulsory here in Ontario) or for English Language Learners. Immediately, my eavesdropping ears perked up. This sounded like it could be useful. I asked for the URL, and I was glad I did. That's how I learned about LanguageGuide.org. There are the 13 languages at present; after selecting a language you can choose a topic (from letters of the alphabet to organs of the digestive system). A series of visuals represent concepts within that topic, and when you hover your mouse over each one, you hear a voice say the word in the specified language. Just make sure you give the audio a chance to load because you'll see the visuals before the audio becomes available.
It's great for all types of language learners and students who may have communication problems or who may be visual learners studying one of the topics.
And all this comes to you for the low, low price of FREE!

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