Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stop me if you've heard this before: Blio launch delayed AGAIN!

Update: latest launch date is Sept. 28.

A careful look at Blio's official Twitter feed confirms their intention to launch in August 2010, but a mere day and a half before that deadline was to expire, a new tweet casually mentions that the much-anticipated e-reader is slated to launch "next month." And even if this latest revision is to be believed, they are only claiming that the Windows version will be ready then; iOS, Linux, WebOS, and possibly other systems will have to keep on waiting.
One reason for the delay may have something to do with acquiring rights to high-quality TTS voices from Nuance. In a press release from only one week ago, Nuance announced that its voices "Tom" and "Samantha" would be reading aloud your Blio content. (Ford Sync users may recognize Samantha.) Since Nuance can trace its corporate history back to Raymond Kurzweil and his ground-breaking technologies, it seems fitting that this partnership should form.
Aaaaaaanyway... we can't give up on Blio yet. It's apparently still coming, although with this many delays already, one can hardly bank on a September release, despite what they say on Twitter. Will it be worth the wait? CyberSERT promises to let you know.

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