Friday, June 18, 2010

Kurzweil's "Secret" Tutorial Videos

Update: Cambium has changed the Sopris website so the how-to videos are no longer where they used to be. I'm not sure if they're gone forever, or just hiding somewhere else. If anyone finds them, please leave a comment.
Most people know about Kurzweil's built-in how-to videos. Many may even be aware of the difficult-to-find online versions of the same videos on the Kurzweil website [general features] [new features from version 11].
But I'm confident that not a lot of people know about additional tutorial videos from Cambium that demonstrate some other features of their most popular piece of software.
Kurzweil Educational Systems is just one subsidiary of Cambium Learning. Sopris is another, focused on curriculum. One of the Sopris resources on their website is this page that links Kurzweil functions to their Language! series. There are 6 strands or "steps" covered by this curriculum, and each one is linked to a table that describes a Kurzweil function, shows the toolbar icon, and has a tiny "view video" link. Both Windows and Mac versions of Kurzweil are covered. Although users of the Language! product from Sopris will appreciate the direct link to their curriculum, anyone can benefit from these videos and how they're linked to language and literacy subskills, regardless of what curriculum they're using. (Which may be why Cambium isn't making these videos easier to find. But then, that's what CyberSERT is here for!)

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  1. Very useful Peter- and yes, just what CyberSert is for! There is so much out there that it is useful to have someone 'interpret' and digest it for us so that we know where to start to look for something that might be useful to us.
    Olivia Date


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