Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blio Release Date: August 2010?

UPDATE: launch postponed again to September 28
When I check my Google Analytics statistics for this blog, it's surprising to see how much traffic comes here looking for information on K-NFB's Blio e-reader. When Blio failed to launch as expected in February (and still hasn't yet), no revised release date was given. Thanks to blog The Digital Reader, we now have indications that Blio will be released in August 2010. Yikes, that's a few weeks from now! (I don't think they're likely to miss the boat again, given the amount of time they've had to iron out the kinks -- whether technical or legal -- and the embarrassment that would result from making the same mistake twice.
The Digital Reader blog has a lot more information on Blio than I do, so I will refer you to that site for now. Once Blio is released, I'll be one of the first to try it out and review it from an assistive technology / special education perspective.

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